When it comes to party favors and unique handmade gifts, Papercraft Miracles has what you need! Little trinkets and intricate miniatures provide fun and function to your event.  We have handmade paper seed bombs and seed paper shapes to inspire your guests to keep growing with you--helping the environment as they go.  Tiny little shaker bottles that act like Magic 8 Balls, answering age old questions with a simple "yes" or "no", for all your indecisive friends. Miniature handmade books with inspirational photos and phrases inside and even little books that flap like butterflies when you play with them. We've also got glass jars full of handmade inspirational stickers, pocket-sized custom notebooks, greeting cards and more!

Great items for corporate and small-business client thank-you gifts as well.  Leave your mark in a unique handmade way.

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