Papermaking is a labor of love.
It takes a lot of time and strength and patience, but it is so worth it.
After a long day in the studio, my muscles are sore and my heart is full.
— Janna Willoughby-Lohr / owner & artist

We create handmade paper from hundreds of natural fibers, including garden plants, invasive species and common weeds.  We also make 100% recycled paper, utilizing scrap paper from local businesses.  Some of our favorite paper inclusions are dried flowers, shredded money, bits of shiny mica, scraps from decorative hole punches and sparkles!

Our popular plantable seed paper, which is fully biodegradable, and will grow flowers and plants of different varieties. Seed paper is available in any fiber & color combination you choose!

Papercraft Miracles also creates marbled papers in many different colors and patterns. Each sheet is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Once each sheet is dry, we do scan the images in at high resolution so we can offer digital downloads of the designs as well as the original art sheets.

We also sell and ship ready-to-use paper pulp for other papermakers.

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