Crafting custom made items for weddings and special occasions is what we do best.

Papercraft Miracles has the unique ability to personalize every aspect of your order. We are proud to offer custom handmade paper for your invitations and books.  We love to add in extra special details to make each order symbolic of the couple’s relationship. We can make paper that includes petals from your wedding flowers, little pieces of your love notes, or even plantable paper with seeds that grow flowers in your wedding colors! Got engaged under a maple tree? We can incorporate the leaves into your paper and books. Had your first date at a pizza place? Did you know that basil paper is a thing?! The possibilities are endless.

Papercraft Miracles is also able to coordinate all your paper goods! The same papers and materials can be used for your save-the-dates, invitations, guest book, bridesmaid bouquets, table and place cards, centerpieces, wedding album and thank you cards. We also offer distinctive favors and gifts including seed bombs, miniature books, paper flowers and other fun trinkets. Discounts are available for full-wedding packages of three or more items.

Papercraft Miracles is an eco-friendly vendor. 100% recycled paper is available (and encouraged). We also try to utilize any scraps by making them into new projects and more handmade paper.

We love to work with DIY couples as well, providing ready to assemble invitation packages and such, for those who want to be hands-on but don’t want to get overwhelmed. Let us make it easy for you!

At Papercraft Miracles we are proud to support LGBTQ people. We are happy to donate 10% of the proceeds from all same-sex wedding packages and rainbow products to GLYS (Gay Lesbian Youth Services).

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