owner & artist

 Janna Willoughby-Lohr is the artist behind Papercraft Miracles. Based in Buffalo, NY Janna is a poet, an artist, and a musician, having written her first poem at the youthful age of 5. She attended Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, NC, where she discovered the world of papermaking and bookbinding and was lucky enough to study under renowned book artist and author, Gwen Diehn. Janna created Papercraft Miracles in 2004, as a way to make a living creatively, with a dedication to the craft of paper & book arts.  She is thrilled that her creations have become a part of so many special moments, from weddings, to graduations, to births. As so much of the world is becoming screen-based and digital, Janna feels a calling to preserve and promote the physicality of book and paper arts. She loves bright colors, giggling and things that are small.


studio assistant & miracle worker

Becky is a human with a semblance of a brain and limbs that end in fingers. She uses that brain to shape the young minds of the students she educates at various academic institutions, and uses her fingers to shape flower petals in the studio. She is overtired and underfed at almost all times. She has several pieces of paper from institutions declaring her competency in a variety of things, and has used those competencies to generate artistic endeavors that have been produced on stages all over New York. She loves paper because of all of its consistencies and contradictions: it is strong and fragile, thin but deep, delicate and resilient, finite and everlasting. Becky once decided that she liked her spousal companion so much that they should make a small human that was half of each of them. She wrote this before her second cup of coffee and it shows.