Being a WAHM Without Losing Your Mind

At the beginning of this year I became a WAHM or Work-at-home-mom to our 9-month-old baby boy.  I feel very fortunate to be able to have this time raising our child while pursuing my own artistic goals,  but I won't lie.  Being a WAHM is hard to do without going a little crazy.  Juggling the house work and baby time with running a creative business is definitely an exercise in multi-tasking.

Here are a few brain-saving tips that I've gleaned in the past few months.



1. Make to-do lists and post them in an obvious place.  A lot of times the list of possible things you could do and the things you have to do get jumbled in your head.  Making a list helps to prioritize the necessary tasks but allows you to add some fun ideas as well.  And if you put "Take a shower" on your list, it's much more likely to happen and you'll feel quite accomplished when you check it off.




2. Try to get outside for at least a little while each day.  When you're at home all day with an infant it's too easy to stay in your robe and watch Netflix on the couch.  If you make a plan to get outside,  it will likely inspire you to put on pants and get some fresh air.  It will be good for you and for your baby. Remember,  productivity leads to productivity.



3. Accept that you can't do everything.  There will be days where you get all the dishes washed, the laundry put away, and take the kids to the park but you don't get that new project finished.  Or days where you get your emailing done and packages shipped but the vacuuming has fallen to the wayside.  And there will be a lot of days where all the chores and all the work goes unfinished because you spent the day teaching your kid how to eat with a spoon and say thank you.  It will all balance out. The days you spend being amazed by your children are more valuable than a spotless kitchen or a fat paycheck.  Trust me.