There are some big changes coming for Papercraft Miracles!

First of all, (THIS IS HUGE!) we have received a grant to make the necessary improvements to move our operations into the storefront space in our building! I am so excited for the opportunity to expand our capabilities and to have a much more inviting (and accessible) space to meet with clients. I even got a brand new, funky fun couch to make it more comfortable.  I am very much looking forward to spreading out and having the room to work on multiple projects at the same time--think separate cutting and gluing stations...paper flower station...special room for just drying paper!! All of it! The address and phone number will remain the same (as the storefront is just downstairs from where I am now) but we will have a gorgeous display window and a real door with a real sign. I have been dreaming of this happening since I conceived of the idea of Papercraft Miracles way back in 2004 and now it is actually coming true! Best of all, the papermaking studio is directly below the storefront so no more hauling wet paper from the basement to the 2nd floor! SCORE!

There is no official opening date for this storefront studio space yet (since we are working within the parameters of the grant) but we are hopeful that the renovations will be done and things will be set up and running by early 2018. Stay tuned on Instagram for pictures of the progress!


Secondly, sometime around Halloween, we will be welcoming a NEW BABY to our family! This has been a very busy summer of papermaking workshops, custom orders, craft shows and weddings...SO MANY WEDDINGS and mama is getting tired!! I am nearing the end of papermaking during pregnancy, so I'm putting out the LAST CALL FOR CUSTOM PAPER ORDERS now. :)  Please place any new custom paper orders by Sept 1st to allow me the time to finish them.  With the baby getting pretty big already, I am much more limited in my lifting and standing time and I want to make sure all the orders get finished before the big day!  In that same vein, I am urging all of you to think about any holiday or Christmas gifts you might like to order and to place those orders asap! I won't be taking any new custom holiday season orders after September 15th.   

I'm hoping to adjust well to being a work-at-home mother of two, but with all the craziness of moving the studio and getting all that set up...I may take awhile to just enjoy my babies before jumping right back into working full-time.  I hope to be back to taking regular orders for custom paper and books in February 2018. Orders for pre-made items already in stock will still be filled as usual.  Maybe I'll even catch up with listing all those items on the website before the baby comes! A girl can dream, right? :)

I would also love for you all to mark your calendars for the Women's Gifts show on Saturday, November 25th, 2017 at Babeville from 10am-4pm. I love this show dearly and I didn't want to miss it, so my dedicated friend and fellow artist, Amy Duengfelder, has graciously volunteered to bring the Papercraft Miracles set-up and to vend in my absence, as I will be recovering at home with a tiny baby.  I may make an appearance during the day to see how things are going (I know, I know, control freak) but Amy will be running the show. You will be able to purchase any ready-made papers, books, journals, seed bombs, trinkets and gifts for the holidays there.

Thank you so much for all your support and I am so excited to share in these new adventures with all of you!

Here are some pictures of what I have been working on all summer long!

Check out the website for the latest products!

We're moving the studio and having a new baby!!

  • All custom orders for handmade paper must be placed by Sept. 1st
  • All custom book and gift orders for the holidays must be placed by Sept 15th.
  • The new studio and the baby show up sometime around Halloween!!

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