After the music has died down, and you take off your (AMAZING!) shoes after a long night of dancing, after the cards have been opened, and the last toast made, your wedding will become the memories that you hold onto for the rest of your life.

Turning those memories from something that exists in your mind’s eye into something tangible is an incredible way to preserve the fleeting moments that made each second of that day so special.

Guest books, programs, photo albums, and scrapbooks are an amazing way to do just that.

When making any of these items, we keep in mind all of the details that made your wedding so uniquely YOU, and we incorporate them into pieces that you can cherish and pass down.

Our handmade paper is just one of the ways that we can customize these mementos; for more information on these amazing customization services, check out this post!  If you want more information, click here!