“As the sun colors flowers, so does life color art.” -John Lubbock

Once the excitement of your engagement has settled, one of the questions that you will hear over and over is, “What are your colors?”

Nothing sets the mood of your wedding more than the visual details, and color is a huge component of establishing the tone of your special day and what better way to do that than with handmade paper flowers?

Are you thinking about soft petal colors so reminiscent of those first few breaths of spring?

Maybe the bold romance of deep jewel tones is more reflective of your love.

Or perhaps it’s the neutral elegance of grey, silver, and black that speaks to your heart.

Paper comes in as many (if not more!) colors and hues as flowers, and it lasts infinitely longer. All of our flowers are handcrafted with love—we curl each petal one at a time.

With a wide variety of flowers and greenery, the options are endless, and each piece can be made to match whatever ambiance you want to evoke.

Let us tell your story!