Custom Photo Albums

We recently made these two custom photo albums for a client who’s best friend has entered hospice care. They contain photos of her friends’ entire life, in order. Our client wanted one to give to her friend’s family and one for herself. The books are identical except for the covers. We had the photos professionally scanned and printed and then attached each one by hand using old fashioned photo corners.

blue handmade book

The cover of the turquoise book is very unique as we used a silk handkerchief belonging to her friend to detail the front edge; really putting a personal touch on the whole thing. The covers were then coated in a water resistant gloss finish. The other book was covered in a periwinkle flocked paper. Flocked paper was widely used in the 17th century on walls but had a resurgence in the home during the Hollywood glam era of mid century modern times. This paper appealed to our client for some reason… could it have been a nostalgic thing? Possibly.


We really enjoy creating the perfect thing for our clients when they come to us with a custom order. Hearing their story, getting to the core meaning behind the custom project and nailing down exactly what it is they want to either gift or have created for themselves. This journey through that process with this particular client was truly an honorable experience. We were so glad to hear that we had made them in enough time for the two friends to look through them together and take notes about the stories behind all the photos.

People often ask why make books and paper? This is why. Being able to bring these two friends together — to allow them more time to bond, share stories and memories face-to-face for as long as they can…and for our client to keep those memories close at hand while she grieves the loss of her friend. Papercraft Miracles brings people together. And what could be better than that?