We've been added to The Flower Circle on LiaGriffith.com!!

I am super excited to announce that Papercraft Miracles has been added to The Flower Circle, an exclusive group of crepe paper flower makers on Lia Griffith's website!


What does this mean? Well, first of all, we are licensed to sell crepe paper flowers made from the patterns on her website, which is great because it vastly increases the variety of beautiful flowers we can offer in our bouquets and arrangements. Secondly, we are also licensed to teach workshops so we can show others how to make these wonderful flowers!

We will be setting up some of these workshops this fall around the city, so stay tuned to our site to buy tickets for those.


In the mean time, check out the Lia Griffith website here, if you like what you see, consider becoming a member so you can also get access to all the amazing projects and patterns for your own personal use.

And if you’re interested in getting some tools and crepe paper of your own to start playing with paper flowers, check out their shop here. Use this link to get a starter pack of all the materials you’ll need to start making flowers for only $49.99 and this one to get the Starter tool bundle for $50!

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